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Political Consultancy

The new standard Of Political Consultant

A typical political consultancy will be working across multiple campaigns and there can be thousands of team members involved who may be dispersed across the country. Having real control over campaigns on the ground and leveraging the local knowledge of grassroots teams is the difference between success and failure.

"Grassroots mobilization that builds your community from the bottom up"

Your community data base
  • Create a map of your community
  • Bring the people in your data base to life
Organize your grassroots outreach
  • Build your own app
  • Our fully customizable engagement apps allow you to campaign the way you want to. You can set them up to be the same across all your local groups or you can allow the local groups to decide themselves.

  • Visual statuses for people
  • When viewing your map you will want to know at a glance what the status is of your community. Our customizable status colors allow all your team to understand the database easily.

  • Permission levels for supporters
Cultivate leaders not supporters
  • Bring supporters into your ladder of engagement with one-click. Once they are in your system you can easily assign tasks and motivate to be active.
  • Your networks of activists are your greatest asset and our relational organizing tool allows them to add others to the campaign from their own network. Your new supporters, donations and votes will be built on one-to-one referrals.
Create a door knocking program that suits your campaign goals
  • Our customizable canvassing app is unique for campaigning. Simply drag and drop the fields that are important to you and see exactly how it will populate on your canvassers' devices.
  • Organize your canvass data more efficiently
  • Protect your data with advanced user permissions
  • Create permission levels for your campaign team members that gives them the access they need to do their jobs successfully.
See the progress of your canvass team in real-time
  • One-click on boarding of team members by phone or email. Upgrade supporters and voters to volunteers when out in the field.
  • Manage your volunteers, cut turf and get out the votes
  • Create walk-lists and assign directly to canvassers. Assign follow-up work with voters to individual team members.
  • Stay in control of the canvassing operation
  • See canvasser activity in real-time and track how effective your team really works.
Save organizers time by creating efficient walk lists with mobile canvassing tools
  • Field canvassing can get complicated very quickly. Make the experience simple for all your volunteers and canvassers so they are motivated to do more for you.
  • Cover the ground efficiently with Iscope application, you can mobilize your grassroots quickly. Efficiency in field canvassing is delivered through easy assignments and all information being synced to the central database.
  • Track and measure your canvassing.
  • Real-time tracking of canvasser activity ensures productivity and security for your team.
Encourage supporters to swipe right and capture conversations & surveys
  • Your community engagement strategy means capturing conversations wherever they happen. Done in a structured way, this yields actionable data for campaign messaging and digital outreach.
  • Track voter sentiment in real-time
  • Your grassroots activists can track community sentiment by capturing survey and polling responses all the time. 'Always-on' organizing will allow you to track how the community feels about key issues over time.
  • Mobilizing supporters can be difficult. Motivate them by letting them see how they are contributing to the overall effort.
Relational organizing to build people-power
  • Find supporters and turn them into leaders, Supporters can be turned into activists or voters using iscope appication. Toggle supporters to volunteers or get a pledge of voting intention while talking to people.
  • Find new supporters at campaign events or in specific locations. Bring new supporters into your ladder of engagement. Capture contact information with GDPR compliant e-signature opt-in.
  • Grow your grassroots membership quickly by using grassroots mobilization strategies you can grow your database of active supporters to volunteering, donations and community outreach.
Locally-powered campaigning tools
  • Case worker can be used to capture specific issues in the community and have them resolved for citizens. Assign case work to team members and indicate a priority level for timely resolution.
  • Our survey builder allows you to capture data the way you want it. Our survey analytics give you detailed insights into how your community really feels on the issues.
  • Push notifications to your grassroots
  • Develop Talking Points that direct grassroots organizers in your organizational messaging. React to campaign in real-time and push notifications to your local teams.
  • Create impact full Door to Door Canvassing Program
Measure your people-power
  • Track your supporter activities, See what actions your grassroots organizing has achieved in the field. Your campaign team will gain actionable insights from canvassing efforts and community responses.
  • See what your community thinks, Every cause is built on community sentiment. See in real-time if your reach into the community is effective and see what the community thinks about the issues and whether they approve of your work.
  • Compare and contrast your grassroots teams. See insights on activity, effectiveness and campaign team performance.