Political Strategist

Political Strategist

We bring together world-class experts in strategy, politics, digital, brand, communications, and policy to work alongside clients to deliver the change they want to see. We have been working with visionary leaders, institutions and private sector companies to help them cultivate an international profile and a global reputation.


The strategic counsel delivered by our experienced team of consultants enables organizations to develop tailored messaging and target the right stakeholders. Our support includes stakeholder mapping, media strategy, drafting consultation responses, political risk analysis, B2G opportunity analysis, horizon scanning, and public affairs training to support in-house teams.

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We provide politicians with a comprehensive campaigning service from strategy and policy development to delivering the campaign in the air and on the ground. We have extensive experience of applying cutting edge campaigning tactics to an emerging market context.

  • Campaign strategy development
  • Audience Mapping
  • Polling
  • Message and policy development
  • Targeted digital advertising
  • Integrated media and communications plans
  • Managing field operations
  • Campaign Training

Our 360-Degree Approach

Every successful political campaign is different from the rest because they were effective in showing how their candidate was different from the rest. This is a fact that many public relations agencies for political candidates. The PR considers every aspect of a campaign: the candidate, the issues, and the voting public. We build a solid PR strategy that encompasses the whole while focusing on each of its parts:

  • The candidate’s values and political platform.
  • The needs of the constituents and how the candidate will fulfill them.
  • What this candidate offers that the others do not.
  • Establishing and showcasing the candidate’s support base.
  • Defining and reinforcing the candidate’s branding.
  • Reputation management.
  • Pro-active approach to resolving a crisis immediately rather than after the fact when it is more of an issue.
  • Communication Is Key

Quite frankly, many political candidate PR agencies do not place the proper emphasis on effective communication. There are several layers to this, and each is key:

  • Communication between the candidate and their various support teams: define the message and drive it home.
  • Communication between the candidate and voters: get the message out.
  • Communication amongst the support teams: work together as a united group to drive the ball to the end zone.
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We Represent Your Best Interests

When it comes to political candidate public relations agencies, we put our egos aside to focus on the best interests of our client. We are pleased to work as part of a larger team, or take the helm to help drive your message in ways that will generate maximum impact. We can leverage our established relationships with mainstream and independent media sources on our client’s behalf. This includes interviews with the candidate during:

  • Local talk radio programs
  • Regional newspapers and magazines
  • Popular internet forums
  • Online news programs, forums, and focus groups
  • Podcast talk show programs
  • Television news programs
  • Television talk shows


If you’ve been caught on audio or video making a statement that created a personal or corporate crisis, action needs to be taken IMMEDIATELY. Public Relations will be your media relations counsel and help you to walkthrough this crisis. We will develop and implement a strategy that minimizes future damage to your reputation and puts you ahead of any crisis at hand.


Have you put our content in blogs or pages that could be considered emotionally provocative/ Public Relations will asses each page on your site and offer recommendations on how to modify your language to appeal to the maximum customer base.

Press Statement

Does your online news room or previous press releases accidentally cast your company or organization in an unflattering light? Public Relations will asses both of these and ensure that your press statements are consistent in quality & clarity.