Personal Branding

PERSONAL BRANDING is for any Business Man, Politicians, Celebrities, and Public figures. We build a digital brand with the virtue of a platform to stand out from the competition and gain more support to establish yourself in the community.


  • Uncover your professional purpose
  • Establishes credibility & though leadership
  • Grows your networks
  • Attracts new opportunities
  • Increases sales
  • Help you reach your goals

What we offer

  • A thorough analysis and deep understanding of your personal digital footprint. Comprehensive and unique personal Branding strategic and tactical recommendation.
  • Optimized social media profiles including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook that exude your personal brand.
  • A social media communication cadence, content guidance and success measurement frame work
  • Professional personal PR consulting to help gain you more media coverage and speaking gigs
  • Personal branding workshops and social selling training for larger teams and groups:

Complete Personal Branding structure


Every personal Branding process goes through a phase of discovery. The process starts off by understanding your reply vision, mission, uniqueness and target market, based on this process of evaluation and discovery. We will then establish a personal brand building strategies.


This phase involves both methodical examination and strategic imagination. It is about analysis, discovery, creation, simplicity and clarity. This is basically the blend of rational thinking and creative intelligence characterizes the finest strategies, which go where others have not Social strategies.


This phase is the key to your brand definition or evolution. This is the creative stage of expressing your personality, Business and positioning. Building strategic brand framework (values, personality, differentiation vision and structural design) to drive communications, behaviors and positioning.


Shout it out, this is when we start to put what we have worked on into action, we shall start implementing the strategy and deliver all brand assets and structures on various platform so as to get your brand out there.


We created well-defined market-tested process for working with the clients on award winning social strategies, be it across the entire social media mix, or small scale plans for product launches, we build Customer road map for success aligning audience objectives, strategies and tactics in a way that achieves specific, measurable results.


Our consulting practice works collaboratively with your in-house social media team to develop an overarching strategic direction and a logical measurement plan upfront. Then we are here to support you as needed over the long haul, helping you apply and stay accountable to that strategy in an ever-changing space.


After building a solid strategy, our community managers immerse themselves in your brand's channel's to engage potential and current customers, brand advocates, media and other interested audiences. Our team is a one-stop for creating lively and engaged social media communities through editorial planning, monitoring and moderation, surprise and delight campaigns.


Social media ad buying is different than any other ad buying in that Quality content is demonstrably more effective to promote than average content. Our dedicated media strategist and media buyers pair careful audience targeting with real time optimization the result? ads that resonate with the community and exceed the goal.


Our in-house studios have been creating content for leading brands for years, from long blog through leadership to the latest video content on today's hot new platform, our team of in-house content producers play at the intersection of community passions and your business goals.

Our organic approach to content creations ensures that your content does well on social, whether it's organic or boosted with paid media.


The goal of any promotions is to achieve the brand's business objectives, and we'll planned and social media promotions does just that, Our program move customers through the purchase loop and turn customers into fans and turns fans into advocates for your brand.


Raves and reviews from other are most powerful marketing tools a brand can have but influencer content need to be genuine. We have hand build our influencer network since 2011 to generate and syndicate authentic branded content that is on message while staying true to the influences voice and Audience interests.


Our analysts do more than reports on KPIs. They set goals and deliver custom-designed reports that help you to see what's needed to meet those goals. We have also developed bespoke social media ROI measurement models for brands with vastly different business models. Our team will work with yours to adapt these models or even build new ones, to fit your specific political needs.


Sure we track the basics like share of voice and brand mentions with social listening, but the real value comes from insights our analysts glean by reviewing real customer conversations. Our insights help inform brand decisions on everything from marketing campaigns to product development and customer service practices.


Our community management, Strategy and Analytics teams have years of experience handling escalations and crisis communications in social media for some of the biggest brands in the Indian politics-brands with lot of eyes watching their every move.