iScope Campaign

iScope Campaign is a web based all-in-one tool that helps you to manage and streamline the administrative tasks from workload to save Time and Money . Organizing a successful political campaign for securing the majority voters.

Political Campaign provides Digital Management Tools for tracking and analyzing voter database, and other features to help political candidates to organize more effectively their election campaigns.

Political Campaigns who are serious about their voter's contact, need to carefully target, Effectively Deploy & Analyze Voter Relationship with digital tools to reach the voter's contact and data management for campaigns of any size.

iScope Campaign provides a Simple, Stable, Scalable platform that lets you to focus on what matters a meaningful contact with the voters.

We're built from the ground up by seasoned campaign focused on ground game. It's a system that works and grows with your team to make a winnable election campaign.

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Personal Branding

  • Personal Campaigns.
  • Personal information’s web page.
  • Edit and login features of web page.
  • Connect to your social media links.
  • Photo galleries.
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Digital campaigns

  • Social Media Management.
  • Content Productions.
  • Digital Marketing.
  • Email Marketing.
  • Digital marketing.
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Go to Voter

  • Contact Management.
  • Voter Data Base and Customization.
  • Analyzation & Volunteer Management.
  • Door to door campaigns.
  • Grass root Organization.
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Join the Team

  • Turn passive supporters into active volunteers.
  • Platform for enthusiasts to join the work force.
  • Opportunity to join election process.
  • Unique opportunity for youths to influence policy making.
  • Orginise Volunteers.
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Polls & Surveys

  • Create Political Surveys.
  • Identify support for the campaign.
  • Political event feed backs.
  • Bring survey insights into your app.
  • Empower your organization with secure surveys.
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Virtual Meet

  • Multi-channel live streaming.
  • Reach your Remote audience.
  • Launch a subscription channel
  • Live video.
  • Grow your Audience across social media platform and own web site
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