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LB CORPORATE CONSULTANTS was incorporated in 2011 at Kingdom Of Bahrain and had its presence in Middle East, providing Management Consultancy with a history of enriching and nourishing business houses from a small vending consultancy service to a Global reach, our commitment to service excellence continues to exceed customer needs of Consultancy Service Globally.


We re-energized our project into a Digital Media Platform in the challenging year 2020 fresh brand iScope Media . We are excited by what we can achieve and what to bring about a positive disruption into the current Digital Media Management and Political Campaigns.

We are delighted to expand our foray into Digital Media Management with our excellence in consultancy service; We aim to define what digital media could mean in Future not just in Middle East but Globally. We create experience that matters where people Work, Learn, Recover and Play.

A dedication to excellence backed by decades of experience, our ability to adapt to new challenges, build our Company stronger by combining our deep expertise with the right people in the ground and technical Challenges with blend of Rational Thinking and Creative Intelligence.

  Our Vision

Campaign with strong intelligence, having Strategic approach to connect, shape and influence the dynamics and powerful engagements to reach out the targeted audience with the power of data insights to more effective campaigns that exceeds the customer expectation.

  Our Mission

We combine bold strategic approaches, analysis, advices, high-level briefings with a strong tactical focus on delivery, campaign execution, communication, media outreach, and influencer forged by commitment to the highest ethical standard and transparency.

  Our Approach

We provide our clients with a regular stream of intelligence from within political institutions, that is tailored to their needs and interests. We also provide intelligible and actionable advice to top decision-makers on how to understand the situation and minimize & manage exposure to risks.

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Build Smarter Campaigns

Campaign is a digital marketing platform that puts the power of data insights into the hands of the marketer to design more effective campaigns that exceed customer expectations. Use behavioral and profile data from any source to create relevant campaigns across email, web, mobile push, SMS, social, group messaging, and offline channels including telesales and mail and print fulfillment centers. Leverage iscope Analytics events and iscope Personalization audiences to reach your contacts with consistent, targeted messages

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Public Relationship

Public Relationship is focused on reputation management through generating positive media coverage and stakeholder communication. Public relations are all about maintaining positive relationships with anyone who has an interest in the organization or brand. This covers a broader audience across customers and media, to employees and shareholders.

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Political Campaign Strategies

  • Actionable Tips for Campaign Strategy
  • Starting your campaign
  • Understanding the political landscape
  • Competitor analysis
  • Digital tools
  • Field organizing
  • Getting voter data
  • Voter targeting
  • Capturing voter issues
  • Working on GOTV strategy
  • Public appearances
  • Personal branding
  • Campaign team on boarding
  • Combating fake news
  • Campaign messaging

iScope Media stand for Branding and Campaigns

We help you connect meaningfully

Marketing builds relationships between a brand and its consumers. And that's what we help people do. We take care of the tasks that can slow you down and let you focus on the more important things—emotions, motivations and experiences.

We make it simply powerful

Powerful technology that's simple to use—that's our big secret. Tech that creates actionable insights and recommendations rather than just reports. Tech that shows you a single comprehensive view and a fuller picture of your customer. Tech that makes it easy to craft complex consumer experiences.

We help you aim higher

At iScope , we're reimagining marketing technology. It's too important not to. When the complexities are hidden and the right tools are in place, you'll free your inner marketer and indulge your wildest strategies.

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